Bizarrices: Divã no eBay.

Comprador: hi! i am very sorry but i'll have to cancel my purchase; problem is, the dollar currency suddenly elevated here - it's been a long time stable for R$/Real conversion, really wasn't expecting it to happen right now. because of that, funds i had on paypal will no longer be enough to make your payment! i'll purchase it from you again as soon as the price of dollar lowers down in another auction, really sorry for any inconveniences and hope you can understand!

Vendedor: HI,this is my story,i live here in thailand as an ALIEN as they like to call expats,my wife is in a scabby hospital recovering from an hystarectomy i am home with 2 young children NO benefits or help, just picking at e,bay to survive, ive had enough of none payers,and cancellations im am not a stock exchenge, ZERO TOLERANCE sorry JOHN JOY STEVIE BECKY. 

Comprador: hello - i'm sorry for your situation and can figure it's nothing easy, things in my country aren't easy either and i've been through very hard times. live in short reigns with no job and been 5 years i don't see my fiance in person either sick or healthy cause we still don't have enough money to reunite and he can't stay as illegal here. couldn't have kids even if i wanted cuz i hardly earn to myself. make a bit of money selling stuff in local ebay, deal with unreasonable purchase cancellations often and know it sucks. but you have to admit each one has its own story and your personal problems are not my fault as mine aren't yours - neither i'm cancelling for an irresponsible purchase. i don't know why the other buyers cancelled theirs, but this is something i NEVER do as my feedback shows. only bid when i'm sure i'll pay for it. the dollar here went to R$1,90 all of a sudden and what i was counting i'd have on paypal balance will no longer be enough. if i was an economist and could have predicted it wouldn't have placed a bid in your auction. i also don't have a credit card available to complete the payment at the moment otherwise i'd do it. thought the least i could do i explain why i had to cancel purchase even not wishing to (unlike most bidders do with me). i try the best i can to be considerate with those i'm dealing with even tho many don't do it in return or even would deserve it. sorry you couldn't understand. good luck and hope you can do better sales.

Vendedor: HI you won me over! i will issue cancell order,thailand is beautifull but also sucks,i also grow a little rice and get peanuts once a year then i see the price in british shops,fkn stinks since i started ebay i have had over 75 none payers i have another 4 this week i simply cant believe its so bad e,bay sucks up to power sellers and like the rice we small guys just get left behind,SO its nice to be listend to and visa virsa, take care regards.
HI i forgot, 5 star feedback would help.

Comprador: hi, most people kind of forget that internet and sites don't move around by themselves, there are people behind screens they are dealing with. also i see so many 'web illiterates' around that the problem is, they don't know the first thing about it and go on messing up without even try to figure out how things work. problem with ebay and similar sites also is that they protect buyers a lot but none of the sellers. bad buyers can place bids and disappear and they don't even get a negative. doesn't seem a fair system to me. here we can leave negative feedback to bad buyers, but at other hand paypal-kind we have is a ripoff. they want us to ship the product using our own money and without have the payment cleared - the buyer (you have to trust on luck that the one is honest and will do it soon nor that it'll invent a lie to hold the payment) only will release money after receiving the product and even if you have a good reputation they will hold your payment. i refuse to sell through this, so i often have problems with buyers which didn't read i don't accept this method of payment. yet ebay and branches monopolize the commerce on internet and we have no choice but use it to sell online and do the best to keep safe. Brazil is also full of pretty landscapes and, i admit, has improved a lot lately, but benefits still cover only limited people and places. while govern is worrying with world cup bullshit 2 years ahead, there are people now starving, losing its small production to subsistence and drinking dirty water because they live in a godforsaken desert where no water pipes, power or reservoirs arrived yet - and they depend solely on rain to have water available, which didn't come for months. governs only like to show the good sides, as every nations mostly for good-image propaganda. i'll certainly leave positive feedback and high rates, and if you keep selling studs i still plan to buy em later. thanks!

Vendedor: THANK YOU! from 1 kindred spirit to another,i have a lovely wife and stunning children,thru out my life i have had to deal with short attention span deficit and a very mild form of dislexia,i run e,bay with 1 finger i can not type,i was born in LIVERPOOL UK in the 50s YES 1950 my wife calls me a stallion 25 year old haha,i live on my witts both my parents were deaf & mute so i learned the hard way yet preserving my honest and loyal attributes e,bay is bringing out the worst in me and i wish i could find a sollution, i think its somewhere over that far off rainbow, i used to run a REAL shop and when folks got difficult i simply told them to go away and not come back,but here its a rotten jungle,i had an shop with a feed back of over 16000 e,bay closed me down as customers complained about bad shipping if only i was the pilot and several customs officers and the postal services & the actual postman so here i am starting from scratch, NICE TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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