Jeffrey Dahmer.

"There have been many rumours that Dahmer tortured and killed animals.  However, these rumours are untrue. He spoke of an incident of his friend trying to run dogs down in the road while they were driving to school and how disgusted he was by that. He seemed to genuinely feel badly about the animal’s deaths. 
He may not have tortured and killed animals but he did like to examine their dead bodies. He had a fascination with dead animal bones and dead animals. He stated once that he liked the sound of the bones clicking together in a bucket. He liked to dissect dead animals and bleach their bones.  There is no evidence that he actually killed the animals that he sickeningly “played” with. Once upon finding a dead dog, he impaled it’s head upon a stick. This fascination seems to have started with his father finding a dead animal under the family home’s porch. This fascination with death and remains appears to have stayed with him until his death."

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